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Children's Dentist in Stevens Point


Stevens Point Children's Dentist


At Point Place Dental, we’re happy to provide care for the youngest members of your family. After all, children are just as vulnerable to the most common oral health problems as adults are—if not more so. Through frequent cleanings and exams, we will help your little one create and maintain a healthy smile while also teaching him or her how to brush and floss effectively in between appointments.  We look forward to helping your child!

Your Child’s First Visit

For your child’s first visit, we have two goals: we want to help your little one feel comfortable, and we want to assess his or her needs so we can provide the most personalized care possible. As part of that, we’ll complete a full dental cleaning and exam, take a few X-rays, and then talk with you about the results. If we need to recommend any advanced care, we’re happy to answer your questions and explain the treatment process.

Six-Month Dental Checkups and Teeth Cleanings

As your child ages, he or she should see us about every six months for regular care. Not only will these appointments give us a chance to clean your little one’s smile, they’ll also give our doctors a chance to look for problems like tooth decay or gum disease. Treating common oral health problems early will help us preserve and strengthen your child’s smile. These appointments will also give us the opportunity to teach your son or daughter about brushing and flossing.

Extra Protection with Dental Sealants

We offer dental sealants to help young patients protect their molars and premolars from decay. Sealants are applied as a liquid and then are hardened with a special curing light to create a plastic barrier between the chewing surfaces of teeth and decay-causing bacteria. The process only takes a few minutes to complete but can provide your little one with as much as 10 years of protection.

Sports Guards Dentist

If your son or daughter plays sports, a custom-made sports guard is an essential piece of equipment—just as essential, in fact, as a helmet and knee pads. Sports guards are made to fit over the teeth and provide protection for an athlete’s smile, as well as his or her lips, tongue, face, and jaw. They can even reduce the severity of concussions and, in some cases, enhance a player’s performance.