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Protecting Smiles with Preventive Dentistry in Stevens Point

Dentist Stevens Point, WI
Our Point Place Dental team is dedicated to serving families in and around Stevens Point with exceptional preventive care for the whole family. Regular dental cleanings and checkups are important for creating and maintaining a healthy smile. With our expertise and advanced tools, your whole family can look forward to comfortable, personalized service that improves oral and overall wellbeing.

New Patient Visits

Your first visit with Point Place Dental will include a professional cleaning, a soft tissue exam, X-rays, and even an oral cancer screening. Then, once your health has been assessed, our dentists will talk to you about the results. Some patients will have a perfectly healthy smile, while others might benefit from a little more help. During your first visit, we’re happy to discuss your needs and recommend advanced care if necessary.

Six-Month Dental Exams and Teeth Cleaning

To maintain good oral health through your life, we recommend visiting our Stevens Point office about every six months for a cleaning and checkup. With these important visits, we can monitor your smile for changes that require special attention. We want to treat any problem as early as we can, before it becomes more serious. If you have questions about the treatment plan we recommend, we’re always happy to answer them.

Gum Disease Dentist Providing Periodontal Therapy

Are you struggling with gum disease? We are proud to offer periodontal therapy to patients in and around Stevens Point. Working with you, we’ll create a treatment plan that targets only the parts of your smile that need help. In the end, we can help you achieve better oral health and wellbeing by treating your infected tissue and removing bacteria, plaque, and calculus from around your gum line.

Treating Bruxism with a Custom-Made Nightguard

For patients who struggle with teeth grinding on a daily basis, treatment is possible with a custom-made orthodontic appliance known as a nightguard. By wearing your nightguard while you sleep, you can prevent the grinding and clenching that’s harming your teeth. Your treatment will begin with a special consultation appointment at our Stevens Point office. Because there are different types of nightguards available, we will gladly work with you to find the one that’s right for you.

Dental Emergencies

Are you experiencing a dental emergency?  Then don’t hesitate to give us a call. We always try to provide same-day care for our patients, because when facing an emergency, same-day care can mean the difference between saving a knocked out tooth and having to replace it with a prosthetic. Don’t let your dental emergency go untreated. Call our Stevens Point office for help today!